Apart from badminton, futsal, and fun cross events, PT. Bumi Karsa held series of event as part of 49th anniversary celebration. We visited Janatul Mawah orphanage at Januari 28th 2018 located at Andalas street no.27 A, as our commitment to give back to community. Here are some happy moments we share with orphanage’s member.

The Orphanage

Another social event arranged by PT. Bumi Karsa is blood donor event. This event was held at February 1st 2018 located at our office Daya Makassar. Collaborate with Indonesia Red Cross (PMI), we succeeded to collect 49 blood bags.

Photographic contest is this year’s new event specific for all PT. Bumi Karsa’s ongoing project team in all over Indonesia. Photo judging was taken place at Wisma Kalla 11th floor at February 12th 2018. All employee gives their vote to choose the best photograph by sticking some marker to his/her favourite.

Kaizen contest was held to stimulate all PT. Bumi Karsa’s employee to improve their capability in work related problem solving and creativity. There is no theme for this year kaizen contest however all departments and project were encouraged to participate in this event.  To make this contest fair and square all project were categorized as project and back office departments as supporting. The final presentation for all participant was held at Wisma Kalla 11th floor at February 13th 2018. Last but not least, PT. Bumi Karsa held barzanji event at Wisma Kalla 11th floor at February 13th 2018 in order to express our gratitude to Allah SWT.


Photographic Contest