This year futsal tournament is rather special because the overwhelming and the excitement of participant. Differ from last year match, this year’s internal match gathers more participant since the matchday event is close by PT. Bumi Karsa’s annual meeting. The match’s purposes to maintain good friendship among employee was taken place at Dafest Daya Makasar was held at January 13th 2018.

There are 5 teams to compete in this match where all its member is PT. Bumi Karsa’s employee and board of management. Those teams are “irrigation team, “anchorage team, “street team, “airport team”, and “building team”. The result of futsal match was determined that same day, where third place was taken by “street team ”, second place is “Irrigation team”, and first-place winner is “building team”.

team airport

team building

team irrigation

team street

team anchorage