Who would have thought that this year’s fun cross event gains double participants more than last year’s event? About 895 participants and cycling clubs such as Altitude Bandara, Anging Mamiri, Komunitas Antariksa Pangkep, ASEI, ASKRINDO, PT. BMS, Bank Indonesia, Bintang Mas A&B, BJB, BMC, BNI, CCC, Kalla Kars, Kopaja Mks were registered to PT. Bumi Karsa’s 49th anniversary fun cross that was held at February 11th 2018. The start and finish point were taken place at PT. Bumi Karsa’s office Daya Makassar.

DM. Bike Community


Lasinrang Bicycle Community (Pinrang)


Tirta Makassar

SCC Maros

This year’s fun cross route is similar with last year’s event, but we reverse the direction of the course. Last year finish point is this year start point, and finish point respectively. About 30 kilometres routes consist of checkpoint 1 (Poros Moncongloe Street), 2 (Pemuda Street Moncongloe), and 3 (New Airport border street) has to be traversed by all participant for it is the requirement to get door prize lucky draw coupon. Bad weather with pouring rain in the middle of event and muddy terrain did not spoil the excitement of the event, in fact it gives invigorating fervour to all participant. Despite those bad weather condition, the standby committee in all checkpoint post gives the best services to the participants said one of participant who pleased with this year’s event.

Thank you for all sponsors, participant, committee, and cycling clubs who support this year’s event, and see you all in the next year event, with bigger prize.