This year PT. Bumi Karsa held another badminton matchup for internal employee and external business partner. The internal matchup taken place at Dafest Daya Makassar was held at January 14th 2018 and external matchup was held at 27-28th January 2018 in the same arena.

After going through internal matchday and final round, third place was taken by “Tim Peralatan”, second place is “Tim Proyek Kereta Api”, and the first-place winner is “Tim Keuangan”. For external exhibition, third place was taken by “Tim BNI”, second place is “Bumi Jasa Utama”, and the first-place winner is “Bank Mandiri”.

To conclude external match event, the anniversary committee held photo booth session for all participants acts as memento for PT. Bumi Karsa’s 49th badminton match anniversary event.