Every year, PT. Bumi Karsa held annual meeting at the first month of the year in order to finalize company’s goal. This year, the event that take places at January 10-11, 2018 was hels at saoraja ballroom, wisma kalla 2nd floor and was attended by 72 participants. Among those participant, are main commissioner Mr. Tajuddin Nur, president director Mr. Zumadi Anwar, director of operation Mr. Kamaluddin, director of financial Mr. Sjaiful Kasim, director of business development Mr. Fajaruddin, head of projects that PT. bumi karsa was currently engaged, project managers, and back office manager of head office. The main agenda of this meeting are presentation of last year company’s report as well as progress report from various bumi karsa’s projects that currently on going and session for companya’s target in 2018.


This year, Mr jabbar as master of ceremonial opened the meeting by giving safety induction to all participants as part of PT. Bumi Karsa’s commitment towards environment, health and safety policy. This is the culture that PT. bumi karsa, trying to build as well as recital ummul al-quran in every occasion. Followed of by opening speech from. Mr. Tajjudin Nur, he appreciates the achievement of PT. Bumi Karsa in 2017 that shows significant improvement in term of revenue (8,6%), gross profit (10,3%), and contract achievement (15,4%) compared to 2016.


Concludes the annual meeting, signing 2018’s target of revenue, gross profit, market, and investment was performed by board of director, project managers, head of project, and back office managers. This signifiles the commitment of all bumi karsa’s members of this year’s target.