In order to support the government program the Year 2017 and reached Mission Become a Top 10 National Construction Company, this event was held on December 23, 2016 held at Saoraja Ballroom, 2nd Floor Wisma Kalla, was attended by 35 participants consisting of Commissioners, Board of Directors of PT.Bumi Karsa, Senior Manager, Manager, Head of Internal Audit, Corporate Secretary and Project Manager.

The structure of the event started with the opening of the MC continued opening by Commissioner of PT. Bumi Karsa Mr. Tajuddin Nur in his speech said that PT.Bumi Karsa advanced and better in establishing working methods as well as to perform better than the previous year, the appreciation was also submitted in connection with several projects that successfully achieve the target even Maros - Watampone faster 10 months and Project Gorr I achieve a profit / earnings 20% target ,

Further Presentations Final Report Field Marketing, Operations Division Final Report, Final Report for Finance, Strategy and Target 2017 report by the Director of Business Development Mr. Fajaruddin, and closed with the signing of the 2017 targets and KPI Company.

The Target Year 2017 set the Target Revenue & Profit amounted to 1.507.312 M with Target Market amounted to 2.355.783 M and Target Investment amounted to 38.156 M.