1. Work as Worship Insan Kalla working and running a business for the purpose of worship to God Almighty as the purpose of the creation of man. Therefore, in working and doing business, Insan Kalla did it with:
a. a foundation of unity as a belief that: (1) all things are of God, (2) that everything belongs to God, (3) all things are controlled by God, (4) everything for God, and (5) everything is going back to God;
b. Sincere Intention is to run everything solely because of God, without any desire or any other load. Sincere heart makes love to do it and not sad if results or rewards obtained is not worth the effort deployed;
c. hold the Mandate that is running something in accordance with the applicable provisions contained in the description and the agreed work contracts;
d. to be honest that is stating the facts and the views of what it is so that it can really be trusted by others;
e. Istiqomah i.e. stay on the straight path, following the straight path, keep holding the unshakable principle and by numerous difficulties and challenges. 

2. Active Along Insan Kalla always strives for togetherness in achieving the vision and mission of the company, by means of:
a. upholds family values i.e. treat each Insan Kalla and partners as a harmonious family in accordance with their roles and functions;
b. Sipatuo i.e. build silaturrahim in work and business, and Sipatokong i.e. mutual help, support and strengthen to progress together. 

3. Faster is better to be a superior business group, Insan Kalla always work faster and better, by the way:
a. innovative and Solutif produce a product i.e., methods and new ways and seek solutions to various problems and constraints encountered; b. effective and efficient that is doing something right in the right way so that the goals can be realized without doing a waste-waste. 

4. Customer Appreciation Insan Kalla give appreciation and awards to each customer, both internal customers (fellow employees, superiors and subordinates) as well as external customers (buyers and partners). Appreciation of the customer is effected by means of:
a. Forward Together i.e., intentions and actions to advance together customers, both internal and external customers.
b. glorify the customer (Sipakalebbi), memanusiawikan (Sipakatahu), and the mutual reminding (Sipakainga) to get the best.