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In the event the 48th anniversary of PT. Bumi Karsa, the entire committee PT. Bumi Karsa has been successfully conducting welcomes the 48th anniversary of PT. Bumi Karsa, such as Fun Cross, Badminton, Futsal, Essay Competition, Barazanji, anjangsana (Visits Orphanage), and the last was the highlight of the anniversary celebration PT. Bumi Karsa 48th in the Central Office.
After successfully organized a series of activities, the whole committee held the dissolution of the committee in Sampulungan, Takalar. At the event, the organizers also held a meal together and sing together after relaxation in Turkish Sampulungan.

After that, before returning the majority of the committee was a group photo to capture the moment.
Hopefully in the next year will be more exciting than this year. Aamiiin ...