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Besides Fun Cross and also Badminton, PT. Bumi Karsa also organizes Futsal Tournament in conjunction with the Internal Badminton Tournament on February 4 in Dafest gor Power '. There was also a Anjangsana (Visits Orphanage) after the expiration of the External Badminton Tournament on 11-12 February, and there is also a Essay Contest and Barazanji (Thanksgiving) the day before the eve of the Anniversary of PT. Bumi Karsa 48th.

Futsal Tournament intended for Internal PT. Bumi Karsa, or specifically intended for employees of PT. Bumi Karsa. While the essay contest aimed Internal Wisma Kalla, in other words, this essay competition aimed at all employees Wisma Kalla. Futsal Tournament and Essay Contest is running smoothly without any obstacles at once.

Some of the employees who participated in the Futsal Tournament and Essay Contest, said that this activity is very pleasant.

In the game Futsal Tournament PT. Bumi Karsa held in the grounds Futsal Dafesto Stadiumlo, Daya', futsal team PT. Bumi Karsa proud because most apresius crowned as supporters in favor of his team's matches.

 The tournament is in addition to enliven the anniversary of PT. Bumi Karsa, also serve as a gathering place between the employees of PT. Bumi Karsa itself.

In addition, some employees claimed, futsal is one of the most popular sports that people from various circles. Thus, he hopes, this exercise can also be more and more popular and growing among PT. Bumi Karsa.

 While the essay competition held on February 13. The theme of ERP as the main motto (Concept) PT. Bumi Karsa. You need to know that the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a concept to plan and manage the company's resources include funding, people, machinery, parts, time, materials and capacity that affect an area ranging from the most top management to operations in a company in order to optimally utilized to generate added value for all stakeholders.

After that, anjangsana (Visits Orphanage) held after the end of the External Badminton Tournament is also running smoothly. The committee also distribute groceries and gifts to the children at the orphanage. But because of the gifts brought by the Committee only slightly, and therefore the committee gave games to children to get a few gifts from organizers.

These are some of the moments that captured the Committee while in the orphanage:

And the last is Barazanji, held the day before the anniversary of PT. Bumi Karsa is in the framework of a celebration of what has been achieved PT. Bumi Karsa until today. Barazanji is carried out every year to welcome the anniversary of PT. Bumi Karsa.